Job Opening

Eickman’s is hiring for two positions. Both positions require the applicant to be 18 or older, and they are both full-time positions. Overtime is available at least half of the year.

All full-time employees, after an introductory period, receive employee discounts, sick days, vacation days (accrued throughout the year), paid holidays and a yearly set amount of free processing.

While we expect and require reliable attendance, we know life happens and will work with you on appointments, vacations, etc.


  1. Beef Deboner

– In this position you are responsible for boning out meat on your line (and helping other lines including pork). This position involves standing and gripping a knife all day as well as heavy lifting (50+ lbs). You will assist the wrapper with any lifting needed and you will grind meat, along with doing customer carry-outs as needed (this involves entering the freezer and ensuring that the customer is getting the correct meat (per the name on the processing sheet) and all of their meat. Proper hygiene and safety practices are a must. You must be able to work well with others. At the end of the day full clean-up and sanitation is required.


  • Harvest Floor

– In this position, job duties may include: helping farmers unload animals, moving and handling animals in a humane manner, harvesting of animals including skinning and gutting. No special skills are required, though livestock or hunting experience is a plus. The job also includes examining the animals side-by-side with a USDA inspector for any potential health problems or contamination/bacteria. Attention to detail is important as is working well with others. This is a very physical and dirty job. Hygiene and Safety are incredibly important. You will come in contact with blood and other fluids as well as cleaning materials. Heavy lifting, bending and being on your feet all day are required. Thorough cleanup and sanitation of the Harvesting floor is required at the end of each day.


Applications can be brought in in person (3226 S. Pecatonica Rd., Seward, IL 61077), Mailed (PO Box 118, Seward, IL 61077), or emailed to